A connector is a mechanical device that is attached to fiber optic cable or the light source. A number of connectors are used to connect fiber cables. The connectors used with these cables depend on the different kinds of light emitting sources such as lasers and LEDs as well as the different types of light sensors used. The primary types of connectors used with these cables :-

  • Straight tip (ST) :-  It was developed by AT & T. A popular connector used with fiber cable and used in gigabit Ethernet or backbone. Joins individual fiber to optical device. ST can be used for both single and multi mode fibers. It is easy to insert  and remove this connector from the fiber. There are two type of connectors ST and ST-ll. It is similar to BNC T connector. 


  • Sub Miniature Type a (SMA)  :- Defines a connector that uses two individual connectors for each fiber strand. SMA looks similar to the ST but user a threaded outer shell. This type of connection is more rugged, particularly under the stress of vibrations. SMA’s are available in two versions – 905 and 906.

  • Subscriber/Standard connector (SC) :- A type of low cost connector used in 100 Base- FX fiber optic networks and it can be pushed into the device and can be removed by pulling out. It is a one piece component with two slots in it to attach two fiber to send and receive signals. It is similar to the video or audio plug. The SC connector is smaller than the ST and sub miniature type A (SMA) connectors and is about the same size as an RJ45 UTP connector.