Presentation Layer

This layer the sixth layer of the OSI model. This layer deals with syntax and semantics of the data exchanged between two devices. It transforms the data in the format that will be accepted by the application layer.

This layer receives data from application layer. It adds header to the data and passes data to the session layer. At the receiver side, the presentation layer receives data from session layer. It detaches header from the data and passes data to the application layer.


  • Translation :-  The running programs on the computer exchange data in the from of character strings and number. Before transmitting, the information should be converted to bit format.
  • Encryption :- The presentation layer also adds security to data by encrypting it. Encryption is a process in which the data is converted into a form that prevents unauthorized users from reading. Encryption allows a system to carry sensitive and private information. The encrypted data is decrypted by the presentation layer at the receiving end. It convert the encrypted message back to its original from.
  • Compression :- Data compression refers to a process of encoding data using less number of bits. This process reduces the number of bits used to represent the information. It is important while transmission  multimedia information such as TEXT, AUDIO, and VIDEO.