Application Layer

This is the seventh layer of the OSI model. It provides the means for the user to access information on the network using an application.


  • Network Virtual Terminal :- It is software version of physical terminal. Using this software the user can log on to a computer that is remotely connected on the network. The application layer emulates a terminal at the remote host. When the user’s computer wants to communication with the intermediary format used by the virtual terminal and sends it to the remote host. After processing the data the remote host replies to the terminal in the reverse order.
  • Mail services :- Using the application e-mails can be forwarded to another device. message handling system is the OSI protocol used to transfer mail over the internet.
  • Directory Services :- Another services provided by the application layer is directory services. A directory is a source of information about objects such as user, organizations, programs and files. These objects are managed by directory services.