Basic Of Computer Network


Computer network consists of group (or number of individual computer) of computer and devices which are connected whit each other.It Allows the computer to communicate with each other and share resources which include information. software and peripheral device such as printer, scanner.


Now day, Computer are used in a wide range. All the organizations are using multiple computer within their departments to perform their day work. It is necessary to connect them which form a network. The network are classified into different  types according to the network size. When Computer Communicate with each other, they follow certain specific formats and rules. These formats ans rules are defined by the OSI (OPEN SYSTEM INTERCONNECTION) model. The OSI model is conceptual and has seven layer and each layer is having its own functions.

A network selection criterion forms the basis of a network, since it helps to select a secure and efficient network. The criterion explains network performance improvement techniques and necessity of reliable network. Various standard organizations are used for network communication to maintain consistency.


Computer Network consists of group computers and devices are connected with each other. thus, when these computer are joined in the networks it helps users to share the resources and communicate with each other. Computer network can be used for many purposes :-

  • Sharing Files, Folders, Data and information.
  • Sharing Hardware resources such as a network printer.
  • Sharing Software resources such as a network printer.

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